Taken by the Centaurs Trilogy: 3 Book Box Set

Taken by the Centaurs gay erotica book cover by Isabel DareWhen golden-haired prince Orpheus is stolen by a herd of male Centaurs, he soon learns how to satisfy their lust. But they keep coming back for more…

This gay erotica box set collects all three stories in the Taken By The Centaurs series:

Taken by the Centaurs

Young prince Orpheus goes into the woods alone, to practice his singing. Surrounded by a herd of eager male Centaurs, he thinks they came to listen to his songs. And so they do – until Orpheus gives them wine. Then he finds out just how dangerous and depraved Centaurs really are.

Used by the Centaurs

Orpheus is their lovely blond plaything, their toy. But only Kinna, the huge powerful Centaur leader, decides which Centaur may use Orpheus for his pleasure. And some pleasures are reserved for Kinna alone.

Kept by the Centaurs

Orpheus’s father, the King, wants his son back. And now Orpheus has to prove that he belongs to the Centaurs, and especially to Kinna, once and for all.

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