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Stealing Ganymede (Gay Erotic Romance)

Stealing Ganymede gay romance book cover by Isabel DareGanymede may be a virgin, but he knows that his beauty has a powerful effect on men. Yet he never thought his charms would attract a god. And not just any god, but Zeus, the all-powerful King of the Gods himself.

When Zeus assumes the shape of a giant eagle and carries Ganymede off to the top of Mount Olympus to seduce him, Ganymede is outraged.

Zeus is used to having whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, and he doesn’t expect a challenge. But Ganymede is as headstrong as he is handsome, and as stubborn as he is sexy. What will it take for Zeus to claim him for his own?

Adult readers only! This 12.000 word gay erotic romance story contains explicit gay sexual situations, including rimming and first time anal sex. All characters are 18 or older.

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The eagle beat back the air, then landed so gently that I barely felt it, and my back hit the grass with a gentle thump.

I lay there still wrapped in its massive claws, feeling the soft, springy grass under me, wondering if I still lived or if I had been transported to the Elysian Fields.

Then the eagle released me, its talons opening to set me free, and I rolled out of its grasp and lay there, breathing the warm, honey-scented air.

The eagle stood over me, its head cocked, eyeing me with its great golden eyes. There was something strange about that. Despite the huge cruel beak, the wicked talons, there was something human about its expression.

In fact, I thought I could see humor in its gaze.

I scrambled to my feet, energy and life returning to me with every breath of that warm air. There was no sign of any other eagles or even a nest; if the eagle did not intend to kill me, perhaps I could find some way to survive here.

“Why did you bring me here?” I said, speaking my thought aloud. Foolishness, to speak to a bird; and yet there was that uncanny intelligence in its gaze…

The eagle spread its massive wings, and I took a step back, intimidated.

Perhaps now it will kill me after all, I thought.

I was naked, weaponless, and though I had been trained to fight, I felt as capable of defending myself against this enormous creature as a rabbit against a normal-sized eagle.

But I would not be cowed. I lifted my head, facing it with a proud gaze and a firm jaw.

The eagle did not attack me. It stood there, wings spread, majestic…and then it began to change.

I stared, my mouth falling open.

The bird was transforming before my eyes, its shape melting like liquid gold, its feathers vanishing, melting together into flesh.

An unearthly radiance shone forth, and I felt nearly blinded, but I could not look away.

Its talons changed into human feet, shod in golden sandals; its wings solidified into arms, and finally, what stood before me was a man.

And yet…more than a man.

I fell to my knees, my breath taken from me as if I had been punched in the stomach.

The golden radiance shone all around him, outlining him against the white clouds that hung about Mount Olympus. He was a head taller than I, clad in a simple white chiton, his form as muscular and burnished as a perfect statue, but living, more vital than anyone I had ever seen. There was no obvious symbol of rank about him, but the power of his presence made me feel faint.

I knelt there, my eyes watering from that intense golden light, and knew I was in the presence of a god.

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