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Claimed by the Vikings

Claimed by the Vikings book cover by Isabel DareWhen Vikings raid the Culverston monastery, young Brother Leo is desperate to save the manuscript he’s worked on all year. He tries to hide from the plundering raiders, only to get captured by a scarred Viking who uses him brutally. Afterwards, the Viking plans to slit his throat, but Leo is saved by Runolf, the Viking leader, who then claims him as his slave.

Adult readers only!  This 7.000 word story contains explicit gay scenes. All characters are 18 or older.

Leo fell against the wall, his cheek blazing with pain where the giant Viking had hit him. “No, please…” he whispered. His arms were shaking so hard that he could barely hold on to the manuscript.
The Viking grinned wider. It was an unpleasant grin, showing jagged teeth.
Then he ripped the book from Leo’s arms.
Leo cried out and fought him, suddenly finding courage. His life was already forfeit, but perhaps he could still save the manuscript. Perhaps he could still gain Heaven with this one last deed.
The Viking opened the book, unhindered by Leo’s attempts to grab it back, and then he paused, seeming puzzled. With one scarred finger, he touched the richly colored pages, rubbing as if trying to rub the gold off them.
Leo wondered if this man had ever even seen a book before. Everyone said that the Vikings were savages; heathens who defiled altars and knocked the gold crucifixes off church walls.
“Bah,” the Viking said then, and threw the book away over his shoulder. As if it were rubbish, Leo thought with horror. As if the word of God meant no more to him than a child’s scribbles.
Struggling desperately, he tried to escape, to find the book and run. But the Viking’s heavy hand fell on his shoulder, then around his neck, grabbing him hard enough to make him cry out in pain and fear.
Leo tried to breathe, growing dizzy as the hand around his throat tightened.
He felt overwhelmed. The Viking was at least a head taller than he was, and so much stronger. He could easily strangle Leo one-handed.
“Mine,” the Viking said again, with that same unpleasant smile. Then he dropped his giant axe on the floor behind him, and with his free hand, began to unbuckle his belt.

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