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The Rock Star’s Tentacles (BBW Erotic Rockstar Romance)

Isabel Dare's BBW erotica book cover The Rock Star's Tentacles

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When curvy Sheila James sneaks into rock star Jesse Stone’s tour bus, she discovers a secret he’s managed to hide even from the paparazzi: he has tentacles. Thick, slippery tentacles that are soon winding all around her voluptuous curves, caressing her. It’s wrong, it’s weird, but it feels so good…

Warning: this 6.000 word erotic BBW romance features a sexy alpha male rockstar with incredibly talented tentacles and a sweet, sensual, curvy girl who has never had sex like this before. Contains explicit, steamy tentacle sex scenes – adults only! All characters are 18 or older.


His voice was low and a little throaty, and it sounded just like when he was singing a ballad, making thousands of women in the audience grow wet.

Sheila was growing wet, too. She could feel the dampness between her legs, and she wondered if he could smell her excitement.

His hands on her breasts were warm, strong, just right, and she leaned into them, sighing.

Jesse wasn’t squeezing her breasts painfully or pulling hard on her nipples or doing any of the other stupid things other guys had tried to do to her, probably trying to imitate porn movies.

He was just stroking her, rubbing her nipples gently with his thumbs, and it felt so good. It felt relaxing and arousing at the same time, like she was safe, protected. It felt like he was taking good care of her.

Jesse stepped closer, inhaling her scent, and his eyes closed.

Sheila leaned into him and let her hands touch him for the first time. She curved her palms around his firm, tight ass, squeezing a little, and sighed in bliss.

Then, greatly daring, she let her fingers wander to the front.

His black jeans were tight, and she felt a hard knot pressing against her.

It felt…different, from what she was used to. She couldn’t really feel the length of him; just a round, hard, pulsating shape under the cloth.

“I…oh God, you’re waking them-” Jesse said, his eyes shut tight. “I can’t – stop – touch me again…”

Buy this ebook from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo