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Taken By The Minotaur: Mated To The Beast (Reluctant Gay Gangbang)

Taken by the Minotaur: Mated to the Beast kindle erotica book cover by Isabel Dare

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This story is a stand-alone sequel to Taken By The Minotaur and Taken By The Minotaur: Slave To The Beast.

Young prince Theseus came to the palace of Knossos as a prisoner, then became a pleasure slave for the Minotaur, and now they plan to escape the Labyrinth together. Scouting ahead, Theseus encounters a troop of guards. Alone and apparently lost in the dark Labyrinth, the handsome young prince seems fair game for a gangbang. But the Minotaur is coming for them, and he intends to claim his property…

Warning: this 7.000 word erotic story contains a rough and reluctant gay gangbang with reluctant oral and anal sex, multiple penetration, a spitroast, forced orgasms, rimming, and a mad-as-hell Minotaur claiming his mate. Adult readers only! All characters are 18 or older.


Theseus watched their advance with contempt. Here he was, alone and kneeling on the floor, clad only in a slave’s brief chiton. Yet these men were still clearly wary of him. Some soldiers.

At the look of contempt from Theseus, Niko’s features changed; his bearded jaw set tightly and his eyes narrowed in a look of hate.

He dropped his spear, stepped forward and grabbed Theseus by the hair, dragging his head upward and tilting his face toward the light.

“Recognize that pretty face, men?” he said with an unpleasant leer. “No? Well, I do. Stand up, boy.”

Theseus resisted the pull on his head, glaring. If he tried to stand up, his leg would fold up under him.

“Niko, look, he’s hurt -” someone pointed out, indicating Theseus’s swollen ankle.

“Oh yeah? Good.” Niko kicked him there, hard, right where it would hurt most.

Theseus collapsed to the floor, agony jolting through him with a sickening lurch. He didn’t cry out, but he bit his lip until it bled.

Watching him, Niko laughed.

With a sinking feeling, Theseus realized that he recognized Niko, too. When he escaped the prison, he had fought off a handful of guards with a stolen sword. He’d had to kill one and wounded others, and this man was one of those he had wounded.

Niko was a great brute of a man with a bushy black beard, and his face was disfigured by a fresh scar: a red sword slash across his forehead, cheek and nose.

I did that, Theseus thought, wincing as Niko pulled harder on his hair. And he hates me for it.

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