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Training The Slut: Naked Sushi Buffet (The Perfect Slut Series #3)


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When sensual, submissive Sarah is ordered to come to dinner by the dominant Desmond Fox, she has no idea that she’ll be serving as the table. He introduces her to the kinky Japanese practice of nyotaimori: eating sushi from the naked body of a woman. Her naked body.

Her silky-smooth, shaven body serves as a living sushi platter for a gathering of ten powerful businessmen. It takes hours for the men to eat all the sushi off her bare skin, while caressing her with their chopsticks and fingers. But when dinner is done, the men have worked up an appetite for more, much more…

Warning: this 12.000 word erotic story contains female masturbation, female shaving, female submission to a dominant male, exhibitionism, voyeurism, group fondling, nyotaimori or naked body sushi service, and a no-holes-barred mmmmmm/f gangbang with double and even triple penetration. Just how much can one woman take? Adults only!


She felt as though she was forging some sort of connection with these men, each time she felt a hand touch her so intimately. So far, the hands did not linger; they stroked briefly, caressed briefly, and then vanished from her field of view. Some men still used chopsticks. That felt very different; their touch was hard, wooden, firm. Less personal.

More sake was poured, and the amount of conversation increased. All Sarah heard was a low murmur of powerful voices.

One man – the blond Englishman, she saw with a glance from beneath her lashes – took a piece of seaweed-wrapped sushi from her inner thigh with his chopsticks. Then his chopsticks returned, not to grasp more food, but to stipple over her skin. A teasing, tantalizing touch. She thought he was trying her nerves, trying to see how she would react. It tickled, but she wasn’t going to move or giggle. She was not.

Did the men know that she had been ordered to remain absolutely still and silent? They could guess, perhaps, knowing Desmond. Knowing his power.

The chopsticks wandered over the skin of her thigh, where it had been laid bare, and she heard someone laugh.

“Only an Englishman would touch a woman with sticks instead of his hands,” a dark voice said from across her body. Sarah thought the accent sounded Arabic.

“Much can be achieved with a simple pair of chopsticks,” the cultured English voice said. “Allow me to demonstrate.”

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Devoured (Vore Erotica)


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Leila, a curvy, submissive slavegirl, would do absolutely anything for her dominant male Master. All she wants is to be with him forever, and now he’s offering her a chance to let her deepest wish come true.

It is the ultimate submission. The greatest, most deeply forbidden offering a slave can give to her Master. If Leila can convince her Master to swallow her body whole and let herself be devoured by his hot, hungry, waiting mouth, she’ll be a part of him forever.

Warning: this 4.000 word story contains spanking, a master/slave relationship, a dominant male, swallowing, devouring, vore, and the ultimate cannibalism fetish fantasy: a woman eaten alive by a man. Adults only!


“Take off your clothes,” he said, matter of factly, and she did. It was only her slave’s shift that had to go; she wore no bra, and he had already removed her underwear. Proudly naked,clad only in her thick leather collar, she stood before him, her hands behind her back, her face tilted up to his.
He pressed a warm kiss against her lips, and it felt like a benediction. Then he took one step backward and said something she did not understand. It sounded harsh and loud, and when it echoed in her ears for far longer than normal words could, she realized this was the beginning of the magic.

She watched, wide-eyed, as her Master dropped his jaw. It kept dropping. Like the snake he had mentioned, his jaw was now capable of unhinging, wider and wider, deeper and deeper. His mouth was open incredibly wide, growing larger until she couldn’t see his face anymore. It was a cavern, a huge opening filled with teeth, but she was not scared.

Leila could not look away from the red inside of his mouth. Her Master’s huge tongue looked warm and soft, inviting, and she wanted to see further inside him. It felt incredibly intimate.

As always, he read her thought from her face before she could speak it. His hands gently urged her closer, then lifted her up to his immense mouth. He was so strong, and he lifted her like she weighed nothing.
She felt herself raised high, up above him, and then descend. Her feet touched the warm, wet surface of his tongue, and his lips closed softly around her calves. Blissfully, Leila closed her eyes to savor this moment. It was really, truly going to happen. Her entire feet were in his mouth, and the rest of her would surely follow.

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