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Bound by the Vikings

Bound by the Vikings bookcover by Isabel DareDuring a harsh winter in a Viking village, food is scarce and tempers are short. A willing slave, Leo tries to help his master Runolf by doing some chores for another Viking, earning extra food. But Runolf’s possessive temper flares up when the other Viking tries to take Leo by force – and now Leo is caught between two giant, muscular, hot-headed Vikings who both want to own him body and soul…

Adult readers only!  This 6.500 word story contains explicit gay material. All characters are 18 or older.

A door creaked, and Leo looked up.
Eirik was back, and he was carrying several huge sacks of grain.
Leo exhaled with relief, counting up the weight and size of his payment. Those sacks would keep Runolf’s household well fed for weeks.
But then a new worry crept into his mind. A few hours of grinding grain could never be enough work for such a princely payment. Even for these Vikings, who lived by a stern code of honor that Leo still didn’t quite understand, there were limits to generosity.
When he met Eirik’s dark brown eyes, they crinkled in amusement.
“You’re quite right,” Eirik said. “I have another task for you before we’re done. Strip.”

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Claimed by the Vikings

Claimed by the Vikings book cover by Isabel DareWhen Vikings raid the Culverston monastery, young Brother Leo is desperate to save the manuscript he’s worked on all year. He tries to hide from the plundering raiders, only to get captured by a scarred Viking who uses him brutally. Afterwards, the Viking plans to slit his throat, but Leo is saved by Runolf, the Viking leader, who then claims him as his slave.

Adult readers only!  This 7.000 word story contains explicit gay scenes. All characters are 18 or older.

Leo fell against the wall, his cheek blazing with pain where the giant Viking had hit him. “No, please…” he whispered. His arms were shaking so hard that he could barely hold on to the manuscript.
The Viking grinned wider. It was an unpleasant grin, showing jagged teeth.
Then he ripped the book from Leo’s arms.
Leo cried out and fought him, suddenly finding courage. His life was already forfeit, but perhaps he could still save the manuscript. Perhaps he could still gain Heaven with this one last deed.
The Viking opened the book, unhindered by Leo’s attempts to grab it back, and then he paused, seeming puzzled. With one scarred finger, he touched the richly colored pages, rubbing as if trying to rub the gold off them.
Leo wondered if this man had ever even seen a book before. Everyone said that the Vikings were savages; heathens who defiled altars and knocked the gold crucifixes off church walls.
“Bah,” the Viking said then, and threw the book away over his shoulder. As if it were rubbish, Leo thought with horror. As if the word of God meant no more to him than a child’s scribbles.
Struggling desperately, he tried to escape, to find the book and run. But the Viking’s heavy hand fell on his shoulder, then around his neck, grabbing him hard enough to make him cry out in pain and fear.
Leo tried to breathe, growing dizzy as the hand around his throat tightened.
He felt overwhelmed. The Viking was at least a head taller than he was, and so much stronger. He could easily strangle Leo one-handed.
“Mine,” the Viking said again, with that same unpleasant smile. Then he dropped his giant axe on the floor behind him, and with his free hand, began to unbuckle his belt.

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Owned by the Vikings (Rough and Reluctant Gay Viking Gangbang) (Viking Sex Slave #2)

Owned by the Vikings book cover kindle erotica by Isabel DareThis story is a stand-alone sequel to Taken by the Vikings.

Captured by the Vikings, Edric must serve them as a pleasure slave on the long voyage home. As the only captive in a longboat full of horny Viking raiders, he must satisfy all of their lustful appetites or die trying. But Edric is desperate for Thorvald, the huge Viking leader, to claim him for his own…

Warning: This 8.000 word erotic story contains a rough gay gangbang between an inexperienced young man and a boatload of horny Vikings, with reluctant oral and anal sex, bondage in ropes, breath play and multiple penetration. Adult readers only! All characters are 18 or older.

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“Rest for a while, Leif,” Thorvald was saying. “I’ll take your place.”

The men cheered as Thorvald sat down on Leif’s bench and began to row with huge strokes of the long, narrow oar.

Leif stood bent over, breathing hard, his face as red as his hair. He was not as wide-shouldered as most of the other men, and he did not look like the long hours of rowing were agreeing with him.

Leif seemed to sense Edric’s eyes upon him, for when he finally straightened up, he glared in Edric’s direction.

“Why don’t the thrall row with us, Thorvald?” Leif asked in a hoarse voice, still breathing fast. “He’s no good to us tied to the mast like a hog. Or are we planning to eat him like a hog?”

Some of the men laughed, and Edric shuddered.

“Not enough meat on him,” someone called out. “Fatten him up a bit first.”

Thorvald shook back his long white braids and answered Leif seriously, ignoring the laughter. “Thrall’s got soft hands, and he’s not used to rowing for days on end. He’s better where he is.”

“What, as an ornament? In that case, let’s strip him and make him bend over,” Leif leered. “I wouldn’t mind another look at that pink little arse.”

There was a sudden silence.

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Taken by the Vikings (Reluctant First Time Gay Gangbang) (Viking Sex Slave #1)

Taken By The Vikings gay erotica by Isabel Dare book cover

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Desperate to protect his village, young Edric rams his small fishing boat into a Viking ship, and ends up captured by the Viking raiders.

When Viking leader Thorvald puts a slave collar around Edric’s neck, Edric offers to pleasure the huge Viking in exchange for his freedom. But the other Vikings demand their share of their new thrall, and soon Edric finds himself on his knees, servicing the entire crew with his mouth, hands and ass in a vicious Viking gangbang

Warning: This 8.000 word erotic story contains a rough gay gangbang between an inexperienced young man and a boatload of horny Vikings, with reluctant oral and anal sex and multiple penetration. Adult readers only! All characters are 18 or older.

Edric took a deep, shuddering breath, and sunk to his knees in front of the big man, looking up at him in hope and fear.

Thorvald looked down, frowning. “What’s this?”

“I…would pleasure you,” Edric said, trying hard to keep his voice firm. These men admired courage, not weakness. And this…it was either the bravest thing he had ever done, or the craziest. “If you give me my freedom in exchange.”

There was a pause. Edric didn’t look away from Thorvald’s fierce, icy blue eyes, but he sensed the other men listening intently all around them.

“I see,” Thorvald said, and that same grim smile curved his lips. “You think there is a bargain to be made, here, do you? You think you’re at the market, selling fish?”

Edric didn’t know how to respond. “No, I -”

“And do you have experience pleasuring men?”

Thorvald’s fierce eyes watched him grimly, and Edric knew he could not lie to this man. Not if he wished to live.

“No,” he said quietly. “I do not.” He had heard some stories, boasts, filthy tales told at night, but that was all.

“Or women?”

Edric swallowed, feeling the blush rise to his cheeks. “No.”

There was a hush of indrawn breath from the men all around them.

A gruff voice said, “A virgin boy brings double price on the block,” and someone else capped it with, “A virgin boy brings double pleasure on my cock!”

Laughter erupted again from the men around them, and Edric shuddered. He didn’t look away from Thorvald’s eyes. His life, his future lay in this man’s hands.

“Ogleif,” Thorvald said, “Bring me a strap.”

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