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Bound by the Vikings

Bound by the Vikings bookcover by Isabel DareDuring a harsh winter in a Viking village, food is scarce and tempers are short. A willing slave, Leo tries to help his master Runolf by doing some chores for another Viking, earning extra food. But Runolf’s possessive temper flares up when the other Viking tries to take Leo by force – and now Leo is caught between two giant, muscular, hot-headed Vikings who both want to own him body and soul…

Adult readers only!  This 6.500 word story contains explicit gay material. All characters are 18 or older.

A door creaked, and Leo looked up.
Eirik was back, and he was carrying several huge sacks of grain.
Leo exhaled with relief, counting up the weight and size of his payment. Those sacks would keep Runolf’s household well fed for weeks.
But then a new worry crept into his mind. A few hours of grinding grain could never be enough work for such a princely payment. Even for these Vikings, who lived by a stern code of honor that Leo still didn’t quite understand, there were limits to generosity.
When he met Eirik’s dark brown eyes, they crinkled in amusement.
“You’re quite right,” Eirik said. “I have another task for you before we’re done. Strip.”

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Shared by the Vikings

Shared by the Vikings book cover by Isabel DareThis is a stand-alone sequel to Claimed by the Vikings.

Brother Leo was once a monk, but now he is a Viking slave, taken in a raid upon his monastery. Leo tries to come to terms with his new life, and above all his new place in his master Runolf’s bed. But at summer’s end, Leo is chosen to be the offering to the harvest god. And that means that Runolf must share Leo’s favors with all the Vikings in the village…

Adult readers only! This 8.000 word story contains explicit gay sexual situations. All characters are 18 or older.


“Ah, today’s a feast day,” Runolf said with a smile of anticipation. He swung his legs off the bed, then stood up in one supple move.

Leo blushed harder. He couldn’t help it.

He would never, ever get used to seeing this man stark naked. He was so beautiful – so strong, so virile, his muscular arms and solid thighs testifying to a life of hard work. Leo wanted to fall on his knees and service him, never mind about breakfast.

And to think that Runolf was standing naked in full view of the window, in a room anyone could walk into!

Sometimes Leo wondered if the Vikings knew shame at all.

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