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Wolf Bond (Mountain Wolves book 6)

Wolf Bond book cover by Isabel DareCan humans and werewolves coexist? Can they be friends, lovers, partners? Or is the wolf blood stronger than anything else?

Tensions are rising in the wolf pack, triggered by two werewolf/human relationships: Kirk and Leo, Conrad and Jake.

Jake isn’t going to let things slide anymore, not when Conrad could get hurt. Just as Conrad finally meets Kirk, Jake gets drawn into a deadly challenge…

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Wolf Call (Mountain Wolves book 5)

Wolf Call book cover by Isabel Dare
Jake knows what he is: a motorcycle mechanic with a bad temper and no education beyond high school. A beautiful, wealthy art dealer like Conrad should be a million miles out of his reach.

But Conrad wants him, maybe even loves him, and Jake wants desperately to believe this is real. It’s not easy. It’s even harder to believe Conrad’s big secret: he’s a werewolf.

Determined to earn Jake’s trust, Conrad takes him to a meeting of the wolf pack. When the moon rises, Jake will see the truth for himself. But will that truth bring them closer together, or tear them apart?

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Wolf Moon (Mountain Wolves Book 4)

Wolf Moon book cover. Werewolf romance by Isabel DareWorking as a motorcycle mechanic, Jake meets his share of rich guys. Arrogant jerks, all of them, who only feed Jake’s bad temper.
But then he meets Conrad. Soft-spoken, elegant, wealthy Conrad, who asks Jake to remodel his vintage chopper…and asks him out to dinner, too.
Guys like Conrad don’t fall for guys like Jake. Everyone knows that.
Everyone except Conrad, apparently.
But then, just when things are going suspiciously well, Jake finds out that Conrad is a werewolf…

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Party Favor

Party Favor gay romance book cover by Isabel DareOn the night of his 21st birthday, Alex doesn’t get a present from his boyfriend Jeremy; he gets a code word.

Alex knows that the code word allows Jeremy to use him in any way he wants.

What Alex doesn’t know is that Jeremy is going to take him to a night club for his birthday party, and all the guests know the code word, too…

Adult readers only! This 8.000 word story contains explicit gay sex scenes. All characters are consenting adults.


He couldn’t believe Derek was here. They had never hooked up, though he’d caught Derek watching him once or twice while he was dancing.

Alex had always been just a bit too intimidated to try anything. The guy was just so…big. And he was an ex-cop, which was both exciting and a little scary.

Derek’s dark eyes inspected him head to foot, missing nothing: the flush heating his cheeks, the white stripes of come on his chest, the half-empty glasses of champagne on the table, and the open bottle of lube.

“You been having a good party so far?” Derek inquired, and Alex had to laugh.

“Oh yeah,” Alex breathed. “The best. So what did you bring me, big guy?”

Derek grinned, a flash of white against his dark skin. “Brought you a present you’re gonna love. But you’ll have to unwrap it first. Think you can handle that?”

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