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Taken by the Centaurs Trilogy: 3 Book Box Set

Taken by the Centaurs gay erotica book cover by Isabel DareWhen golden-haired prince Orpheus is stolen by a herd of male Centaurs, he soon learns how to satisfy their lust. But they keep coming back for more…

This gay erotica box set collects all three stories in the Taken By The Centaurs series:

Taken by the Centaurs

Young prince Orpheus goes into the woods alone, to practice his singing. Surrounded by a herd of eager male Centaurs, he thinks they came to listen to his songs. And so they do – until Orpheus gives them wine. Then he finds out just how dangerous and depraved Centaurs really are.

Used by the Centaurs

Orpheus is their lovely blond plaything, their toy. But only Kinna, the huge powerful Centaur leader, decides which Centaur may use Orpheus for his pleasure. And some pleasures are reserved for Kinna alone.

Kept by the Centaurs

Orpheus’s father, the King, wants his son back. And now Orpheus has to prove that he belongs to the Centaurs, and especially to Kinna, once and for all.

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Kept by the Centaurs (Gay Erotica)

Kept by the Centaurs book cover by Isabel DareAfter extensive training, golden-haired Prince Orpheus has become a willing servant to the herd of male Centaurs who stole him. He can’t get enough of servicing the muscular, powerful Centaurs, especially the Centaur leader, Kinna.

But Orpheus’s father, the King, wants his son back. And now Orpheus has to prove that he belongs to the Centaurs, once and for all…

Adult readers only! This 8.000 word gay erotic story contains explicit gay sex scenes. All characters are 18 or older.

This story follows Taken by the Centaurs and Used by the Centaurs, though it can be read as a standalone.

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Used by the Centaurs (Gay Erotica)

Used by the Centaurs gay erotica book cover by Isabel DareOnce, Orpheus was a Greek prince, the darling of the court, who loved to sing and play the lyre. Now, he belongs to the Centaurs who stole him.

He is their lovely blond plaything, their toy. But only Kinna, the huge, powerful Centaur leader, decides which Centaur may use Orpheus for his pleasure. And some pleasures are reserved for Kinna alone…

Adult readers only! This 8.000 word gay erotic story contains explicit gay sex scenes. All characters are 18 or older.

This story follows Taken by the Centaurs, though it can be read as a standalone.

Orpheus sang on, letting his voice range high—the pure, clear notes sounded amazing, louder than ever before—and finally came to a stop, almost breathless, but feeling exhilarated.

The Centaurs cheered him, louder than before.

With a pang of worry, Orpheus saw that there were three flasks of wine in circulation now.

The Centaurs were celebrating by getting drunk, and that spelled danger. Wine drove them wild.

“Here, let the boy have some wine,” one of the Centaurs yelled, a young one named Xerxes. “He sang well!”

A leather flask was tossed in Orpheus’s direction, and he caught it. It smelled strongly of horse.

In truth, Orpheus was thirsty, and singing only made him more so. He took a quick swallow, then another, surprised at how good it was. It was a dark, strong wine that tasted rich enough to be poured at his father’s table. Whatever farmer they had raided must be rich.

Xerxes came closer. He was a brawny young Centaur with long dark brown hair, and there was a dragon tattooed on his chest. Reaching out, he tilted the flask of wine over Orpheus’s mouth, forcing him to swallow more. “Don’t stop now, boy!”

Orpheus sputtered, feeling the wine flood his throat and pool into his stomach.

He wasn’t used to drinking. His father would only let him have watered wine, even though Orpheus was an adult. His father still saw him as the youngest prince, the baby of the family, and probably always would.

Maybe that was why the wine tasted so good now. It tasted of things that were forbidden.

Finally Xerxes took the half-empty wine flask away, and Orpheus wiped his chin, aware that wine was dripping down his bare chest.

Another Centaur came up and called over his shoulder to Kinna, “Can I have him?”

Orpheus’s last swallow of wine went the wrong way. He coughed, desperately gasping for air.

“You are bold,” Kinna said in his deep, dark voice, sounding disapproving. “Very bold, Diodoros.”

“I thought you said we feast tonight?” Diodoros countered. He was smiling, but it looked somehow feral. “Then why not let me entertain myself?”

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Wolf Pack (Mountain Wolves, Book Three)

Wolf Pack gay werewolf romance book cover by Isabel DareLeo Travers, a young painter, is desperately in love with tall, dark, taciturn Kirk Anderson. He doesn’t even care if Kirk turns into a wolf every full moon. All Leo cares about is their future together.

Does Kirk want him only for now, or forever? Kirk isn’t saying, and Leo is afraid to ask and get his heart broken.

Then there’s the wolf pack living right next door. One of them is stalking Leo, and this werewolf won’t take no for an answer…

The third book in the gay werewolf romance series that started with Wolf Scent and Wolf Howl, Wolf Pack is 30.000 words long.


Leo was half hidden behind an easel. He had set it up facing the stand of birches overlooking the valley below.

Kirk walked up to him, circling round behind him to see what Leo was seeing.

It was strange; as much as he loved the woods, he had never looked at them as a source of inspiration for art. He’d never even taken any photographs.

He’d seen tourists making sketches, of course. But–face it, Kirk–he hadn’t been interested. He had dismissed it out of hand as something silly that tourists did, like picking unripe berries or buying souvenir junk made in China.

Now that he saw what Leo was doing, it made him wonder where he had acquired such prejudices.

Not from his mother, surely. She had loved the arts, and even bought a couple paintings to hang in the cabin.

Maybe it came from his father’s side of the family; they were all relentlessly practical and down to earth, proud of their blue collar jobs and full of distrust for anything they didn’t know.

Kirk was pretty sure that his father John had never seen a museum from the inside until he met Marilee MacDougall, Kirk’s mother.

He saw that Leo was holding the brush up in the air, one eye squinted shut, and waited until he was finished with whatever he was doing; it seemed to require concentration.

Over Leo’s shoulder, Kirk peered at the painting.

It was clearly unfinished, but the color was astonishing. The birch leaves were almost more intense in the painting than in reality: a mesmerizing, glorious yellow edged with other, darker colors in the shadows. A patch of gold in the gloom.

Then Leo’s blond head turned and he smiled widely, a smile of such surpassing sweetness that it almost hurt to see.

“Hi,” Leo said.

Kirk found himself smiling back, probably looking like a lovestruck fool. “Hi.”

With one more step, he was close enough and bent over Leo to kiss him.

Leo’s head tilted up instantly, and their lips met. Warmth flooded Kirk’s belly, instant arousal that always seemed to happen when he was around Leo–

And then he took in Leo’s scent. Something he had deliberately waited to do, so he could let it flood his senses when Leo was within kissing reach–

Leo’s scent had changed.

Kirk rocked back.

He took a deep breath, almost choking on the harsh, metallic scent that surrounded Leo.

It was like being stabbed with a blade of ice. It sank deep into his heart, leaving no trace.


Erick had been near Leo.

Close enough to touch Leo, close enough to leave his scent all over him.

And this despite the truce between Kirk and the wolf pack–the truce that stipulated that they weren’t allowed to enter his territory until the full moon.

Erick had broken the truce, deliberately, blatantly. And he had touched Leo with his bare hands.

I should strangle Erick for this.

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Party Favor

Party Favor gay romance book cover by Isabel DareOn the night of his 21st birthday, Alex doesn’t get a present from his boyfriend Jeremy; he gets a code word.

Alex knows that the code word allows Jeremy to use him in any way he wants.

What Alex doesn’t know is that Jeremy is going to take him to a night club for his birthday party, and all the guests know the code word, too…

Adult readers only! This 8.000 word story contains explicit gay sex scenes. All characters are consenting adults.


He couldn’t believe Derek was here. They had never hooked up, though he’d caught Derek watching him once or twice while he was dancing.

Alex had always been just a bit too intimidated to try anything. The guy was just so…big. And he was an ex-cop, which was both exciting and a little scary.

Derek’s dark eyes inspected him head to foot, missing nothing: the flush heating his cheeks, the white stripes of come on his chest, the half-empty glasses of champagne on the table, and the open bottle of lube.

“You been having a good party so far?” Derek inquired, and Alex had to laugh.

“Oh yeah,” Alex breathed. “The best. So what did you bring me, big guy?”

Derek grinned, a flash of white against his dark skin. “Brought you a present you’re gonna love. But you’ll have to unwrap it first. Think you can handle that?”

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Stealing Ganymede (Gay Erotic Romance)

Stealing Ganymede gay romance book cover by Isabel DareGanymede may be a virgin, but he knows that his beauty has a powerful effect on men. Yet he never thought his charms would attract a god. And not just any god, but Zeus, the all-powerful King of the Gods himself.

When Zeus assumes the shape of a giant eagle and carries Ganymede off to the top of Mount Olympus to seduce him, Ganymede is outraged.

Zeus is used to having whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, and he doesn’t expect a challenge. But Ganymede is as headstrong as he is handsome, and as stubborn as he is sexy. What will it take for Zeus to claim him for his own?

Adult readers only! This 12.000 word gay erotic romance story contains explicit gay sexual situations, including rimming and first time anal sex. All characters are 18 or older.

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The eagle beat back the air, then landed so gently that I barely felt it, and my back hit the grass with a gentle thump.

I lay there still wrapped in its massive claws, feeling the soft, springy grass under me, wondering if I still lived or if I had been transported to the Elysian Fields.

Then the eagle released me, its talons opening to set me free, and I rolled out of its grasp and lay there, breathing the warm, honey-scented air.

The eagle stood over me, its head cocked, eyeing me with its great golden eyes. There was something strange about that. Despite the huge cruel beak, the wicked talons, there was something human about its expression.

In fact, I thought I could see humor in its gaze.

I scrambled to my feet, energy and life returning to me with every breath of that warm air. There was no sign of any other eagles or even a nest; if the eagle did not intend to kill me, perhaps I could find some way to survive here.

“Why did you bring me here?” I said, speaking my thought aloud. Foolishness, to speak to a bird; and yet there was that uncanny intelligence in its gaze…

The eagle spread its massive wings, and I took a step back, intimidated.

Perhaps now it will kill me after all, I thought.

I was naked, weaponless, and though I had been trained to fight, I felt as capable of defending myself against this enormous creature as a rabbit against a normal-sized eagle.

But I would not be cowed. I lifted my head, facing it with a proud gaze and a firm jaw.

The eagle did not attack me. It stood there, wings spread, majestic…and then it began to change.

I stared, my mouth falling open.

The bird was transforming before my eyes, its shape melting like liquid gold, its feathers vanishing, melting together into flesh.

An unearthly radiance shone forth, and I felt nearly blinded, but I could not look away.

Its talons changed into human feet, shod in golden sandals; its wings solidified into arms, and finally, what stood before me was a man.

And yet…more than a man.

I fell to my knees, my breath taken from me as if I had been punched in the stomach.

The golden radiance shone all around him, outlining him against the white clouds that hung about Mount Olympus. He was a head taller than I, clad in a simple white chiton, his form as muscular and burnished as a perfect statue, but living, more vital than anyone I had ever seen. There was no obvious symbol of rank about him, but the power of his presence made me feel faint.

I knelt there, my eyes watering from that intense golden light, and knew I was in the presence of a god.

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Taken By The Minotaur: Mated To The Beast (Reluctant Gay Gangbang)

Taken by the Minotaur: Mated to the Beast kindle erotica book cover by Isabel Dare

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This story is a stand-alone sequel to Taken By The Minotaur and Taken By The Minotaur: Slave To The Beast.

Young prince Theseus came to the palace of Knossos as a prisoner, then became a pleasure slave for the Minotaur, and now they plan to escape the Labyrinth together. Scouting ahead, Theseus encounters a troop of guards. Alone and apparently lost in the dark Labyrinth, the handsome young prince seems fair game for a gangbang. But the Minotaur is coming for them, and he intends to claim his property…

Warning: this 7.000 word erotic story contains a rough and reluctant gay gangbang with reluctant oral and anal sex, multiple penetration, a spitroast, forced orgasms, rimming, and a mad-as-hell Minotaur claiming his mate. Adult readers only! All characters are 18 or older.


Theseus watched their advance with contempt. Here he was, alone and kneeling on the floor, clad only in a slave’s brief chiton. Yet these men were still clearly wary of him. Some soldiers.

At the look of contempt from Theseus, Niko’s features changed; his bearded jaw set tightly and his eyes narrowed in a look of hate.

He dropped his spear, stepped forward and grabbed Theseus by the hair, dragging his head upward and tilting his face toward the light.

“Recognize that pretty face, men?” he said with an unpleasant leer. “No? Well, I do. Stand up, boy.”

Theseus resisted the pull on his head, glaring. If he tried to stand up, his leg would fold up under him.

“Niko, look, he’s hurt -” someone pointed out, indicating Theseus’s swollen ankle.

“Oh yeah? Good.” Niko kicked him there, hard, right where it would hurt most.

Theseus collapsed to the floor, agony jolting through him with a sickening lurch. He didn’t cry out, but he bit his lip until it bled.

Watching him, Niko laughed.

With a sinking feeling, Theseus realized that he recognized Niko, too. When he escaped the prison, he had fought off a handful of guards with a stolen sword. He’d had to kill one and wounded others, and this man was one of those he had wounded.

Niko was a great brute of a man with a bushy black beard, and his face was disfigured by a fresh scar: a red sword slash across his forehead, cheek and nose.

I did that, Theseus thought, wincing as Niko pulled harder on his hair. And he hates me for it.

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