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Party Favor

Party Favor gay romance book cover by Isabel DareOn the night of his 21st birthday, Alex doesn’t get a present from his boyfriend Jeremy; he gets a code word.

Alex knows that the code word allows Jeremy to use him in any way he wants.

What Alex doesn’t know is that Jeremy is going to take him to a night club for his birthday party, and all the guests know the code word, too…

Adult readers only! This 8.000 word story contains explicit gay sex scenes. All characters are consenting adults.


He couldn’t believe Derek was here. They had never hooked up, though he’d caught Derek watching him once or twice while he was dancing.

Alex had always been just a bit too intimidated to try anything. The guy was just so…big. And he was an ex-cop, which was both exciting and a little scary.

Derek’s dark eyes inspected him head to foot, missing nothing: the flush heating his cheeks, the white stripes of come on his chest, the half-empty glasses of champagne on the table, and the open bottle of lube.

“You been having a good party so far?” Derek inquired, and Alex had to laugh.

“Oh yeah,” Alex breathed. “The best. So what did you bring me, big guy?”

Derek grinned, a flash of white against his dark skin. “Brought you a present you’re gonna love. But you’ll have to unwrap it first. Think you can handle that?”

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Used by the Vikings (Reluctant Gay Gangbang) (Viking Sex Slave #3)

Used by the Vikings gay erotica book cover by Isabel DareThis story is a stand-alone sequel to Owned by the Vikings.

Edric wears the iron collar of a thrall, and thralls have no rights under Viking law.

So when Edric dares to refuse the advances of sly troublemaker Leif, he must be punished. He is bound naked to the Great Oak, and from sunrise til sunset, anyone may make public use of him…

Adult readers only! This 10.000 word erotic story contains a village of horny Vikings using their captive in a rough gay gangbang, with reluctant oral and anal sex, bondage in ropes, humiliation, public sex and multiple penetration. All characters are 18 or older.


Edric tried not to cower visibly.

His ordeal had begun.

“We might as well break him in,” Ottar said to his companion, in a persuasive tone of voice. “He won’t be as good when everyone else has had him. Don’t know about you, but I like them fresh and squealing, not exhausted and covered in come.”

Knut scratched his beard thoughtfully. “True enough. Tie him up a bit first, I don’t want him kicking me.”

Ottar nodded, and without warning he yanked at the rope, hard enough to send Edric sprawling to the ground.

“Here, give me that,” Knut said. He knelt by Edric’s legs, and Ottar handed him another piece of rope.

Edric’s face was pressed into the sweet-smelling grass, but he could feel Knut tying rope around his bare ankles.

“Not too tight,” Ottar instructed. “He has to be able to spread his legs if someone wants to fuck him while he’s lying on his back.”

“Eh,” Knut said dismissively. “Nobody wants that, he’s not a woman. Much easier to just bend him over and fuck him standing up.”

As he spoke, Knut gave the rope around his ankles another hard yank.

Edric let a muffled squeal escape his lips as the rough rope chafed his ankles raw. Gods, this was a rough beginning and he was sure it wasn’t going to get better.

“Aw, look what you did,” Ottar complained. “You’re getting his blood all over my rope.”

Knut snorted, knotted the rope one last time, then stood up. “All right. Get up, thrall.”

Edric tried to get up, and found that he could barely move his legs. His ankles burned. He would have fallen over again, if Knut hadn’t stopped him with a rough hand against his shoulder.

Edric’s ankles were tied so that there was about two feet of slack between them. He could probably still walk, if he took tiny mincing steps, but the rope chafed his raw skin whenever he moved, so that he wasn’t inclined to even try it. And in any case, he was still tied to the iron ring in the tree.

“That looks all right,” Ottar said, then gave Edric a shove. “Bend over, slut.”

Edric knew there was no point in protesting, in arguing his innocence. These men would not care, and all he would get out of it was a beating.

Seething inwardly, he bent over, clasping his bloody ankles with his hands so he wouldn’t fall over.

“Need to slick him up first,” Knut was saying. “Come on, Ottar, you know better. You can’t go in raw, you’ll rub all the skin off your dick.”

“I like them tight,” Ottar argued. “Here, let me just-”

And without further warning, he shoved his stiff cock against Edric’s hole, trying to force him open.

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The Complete Slut (M/F Billionaire Erotica Series 3 Story Bundle)


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This hot and naughty erotica bundle collects all three stories in the Perfect Slut series: over 19.000 words of NC-17 rated M/F billionaire erotica.

The crazy, sexy, raunchy relationship between waitress Sarah Cole and dominant diamond billionaire Desmond Fox starts with a wild fuck in the kitchen, spanking and hot oral sex under his desk, and ends with a no-holes-barred eleven man gangbang…

Are you along for the ride?

Book 1: The Perfect Slut
Sarah doesn’t really fit in at the Diamond King’s debutante ball. The scene is like something from Cinderella: rich girls in white dresses and dazzling jewelry, smooth-shaven men in black tie, dancing and drinking and debauchery. Unfortunately, Sarah is not Cinderella. She’s the waitress.

What she doesn’t know is that Desmond, the billionaire they call the Diamond King, isn’t looking for Cinderella at all. He’s looking to find the perfect slut. And Sarah is going to give up a lot more than a shoe tonight…

Warning: this 3.200 word story contains dirty talk, wet underwear, spanking, knee-trembling lust and smoking-hot sex. Adults only!

Book 2: Taming The Slut
After her first, incredibly erotic encounter with diamond billionaire Desmond Fox, Sarah can’t stop thinking about him. She’s thrilled when he summons her back to his office – to serve drinks for a party of businessmen, clad only in her stockings and heels. But that’s not all that Sarah is going to serve tonight…

Warning: this 4.200 word story contains dirty talk, hot oral sex, nudity, group fondling, ice cube play, and smoking-hot sex.

Book 3: Training The Slut: Naked Sushi Buffet (MMMMM/F Dominance and Submission Gangbang Erotica)
When sensual, submissive Sarah is ordered to come to dinner by the dominant Desmond Fox, she has no idea that she’ll be serving as the table. He introduces her to the kinky Japanese practice of nyotaimori: eating sushi from the naked body of a woman. Her naked body.

Her silky-smooth, shaven body serves as a living sushi platter for a gathering of ten powerful businessmen. It takes hours for the men to eat all the sushi off her bare skin, while caressing her with their chopsticks and fingers. But when dinner is done, the men have worked up an appetite for more, much more…

Warning: this 12.000 word erotic story contains female masturbation, female shaving, female submission to a dominant male, exhibitionism, voyeurism, group fondling, nyotaimori or naked body sushi service, and a no-holes-barred mmmmmm/f gangbang with double and even triple penetration. Just how much can one woman take? Adults only!

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Taming The Slut (The Perfect Slut Series #2)


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After her first, incredibly erotic encounter with diamond billionaire Desmond Fox, Sarah can’t stop thinking about him. She’s thrilled when he summons her back to his office – to serve drinks for a party of businessmen, clad only in her stockings and heels. But that’s not all that Sarah is going to serve tonight…

 Warning: this 4.200 word story contains dirty talk, oral sex, nudity, public exposure, ice cubes, and smoking-hot sex. Adults only!

Read an excerpt:
Desmond thrust gently but inexorably into her mouth, while he talked about “shorting the market”, whatever that was, and the other male voices answered him. The buzz of sound was like a backdrop to her own private porn movie, that none of the others even knew was happening. That thought was unbearably thrilling.

She kept sucking and licking, and she was getting wet and more excited, but there was no relief. Her left hand was needed to support her as she knelt, and her right hand was on his cock. She wished she could have a hand free to tease herself, slide her fingers through her own juices, touch and rub herself into swollen readiness.

At the thought of touching herself while sucking him, Sarah moaned around his cock.

The voices above her head fell silent.

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