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Sinful Tentacles


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Sister Mary Grace is a virgin nun at the Convent of Innocents. She has always been chaste and pure…but only in deed, not in thought.

To punish her lustful thoughts, she is sent down to the Convent’s dark cellars, where an ancient evil lurks. Huge, slick tentacles are reaching toward Sister Mary Grace in the dark…

 Warning: this 4.400 word story contains a Catholic nun breaking her vows, the deflowering of a virgin, multiple tentacle penetration and tons of hot tentacle sex. Adults only!

She looked down, and saw that her legs really were bare. The long, dull fabrics of her habit and her two layers of undershirts had been torn away and her legs were revealed up to the thigh, pink and indecently bare.

Around her legs, three strange serpentine shapes twisted and coiled caressingly. Sister Mary stared at them in wonder and fear. They were thick and dark, mottled like snakes, but so much warmer, and she couldn’t see where they were coming from; there was only a small circle of light around her chair.

In the candle’s dim guttering light, the snake-like shapes split apart, then multiplied. There were six of them now, casting long sinuous shadows. One of them slid up toward Mary’s chest and gently tugged at the front of her habit, as if testing its resilience.

Mary breathed faster as the tentacles touched her more brazenly. There were four of them at her legs now, two around each thigh, two around each ankle, and they were so velvety warm. She wanted more of this forbidden touch; her skin hungered for it.

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