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Seduction of a Courtesan

Seduction of a Courtesan book cover by Isabel DareAn accomplished courtesan as well as a superb storyteller, Sharazad knew how to beguile her King with her charms. But one night, the King decided to turn the tables and seduce his courtesan…

Adult readers only! This 3.500 word erotic romance story contains explicit scenes. All characters are 18 or older.


I saw the King’s eyes spark with interest; I knew he could not resist a monster tale, and smiled to myself.

“The princess believed that she was strong enough to resist any outward sign of pleasure, and that her will was as strong as adamant,” I went on. “But the djinn was full of tricks, and he contrived to speak to the beautiful male slave alone. ‘A woman is not like a man,’ the djinn told the slave. ‘They can reach the pinnacle of pleasure many times in a night. Touch her, taste her, take her, and do not cease your assault until you have heard her emit wanton cries of joy three times in one night. If you succeed in this, I promise you will rise higher than any other man in the land.”

“The djinn’s advice seems well contrived, despite his trickery,” the King said thoughtfully. “Nude and on his knees, you say?”

I sucked in a breath, delighted and amazed that my King would go as far as this. Even in the bedchamber, a King has his dignity, and he had never yet knelt to me. Quite probably, he had never knelt to anyone in all his life.

“So it was indeed,” I said softly.

“Then stand up, o empress of seduction,” said the King. “And I will try the djinn’s advice for myself.”

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