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Taken By The Minotaur: Slave To The Beast (Reluctant Gay Sex)

Taken By The Minotaur: Slave To The Beast by Isabel Dare book cover

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This story is a standalone follow-up to Taken By The Minotaur.

Every seven years, the Minotaur slakes his monstrous lust on fourteen youths from Athens, brought to him as pleasure slaves.

But this time, it’s just young, innocent prince Theseus who enters the Labyrinth. And now he has to somehow satisfy the Minotaur’s huge appetite for sex all by himself.

After giving up his virginity to the Minotaur, Theseus thinks he has the beast-man under control. But the Minotaur isn’t going to let Theseus go so easily…

Warning: this 6.000 word erotic story contains a rough gay encounter between an inexperienced young man and a dominant male Minotaur, with reluctant oral and anal sex, bondage in chains and a giant minotaur cock plundering a young man’s body. Adult readers only!

All characters are 18 or older.


The Minotaur was immense, eight feet tall or more, and that was without the long, wickedly curving horns sprouting from his forehead.

His face was that of a bull’s, except for the large, liquid golden eyes that were altogether unearthly; his body was male, broad-shouldered and heavy-thighed, and covered in a pelt of shaggy dark hair.

His strong legs ended in great black hooves, and he also had a tail, long and narrow like a whip, ending in a tuft of black hair.

Try as he might, Theseus could not stop himself from directing most of his attention to the Minotaur’s crotch.

As before, the Minotaur was violently aroused. His great shaft reared up, emerging from a brown sheath, the purple head engorged and wet. His balls swung heavily below, encased in a hairy sack as big as Theseus’s head.

Theseus involuntarily licked his lips. He remembered that salty taste, the pain in his jaws as the thick cockhead stretched his cheeks, the fear that he would run out of breath completely before he managed to satisfy his captor.

The Minotaur’s hooves clicked on the marble floor as the bull-man came closer.

“It is time, princeling,” that dark voice rumbled. “I have granted you sleep, and now you must serve me.”

“For how long?” Theseus asked, firming his jaw. He had tried to reason with the monster, tried to bargain with it before; without success, but he would not stop trying.

“Until I am sated,” the Minotaur responded, a wicked smile curving his wide bull-mouth. “Or perhaps until you die, princeling. You are only one man, after all, and a small one at that.”

Theseus glared. His height had always been a sensitive point, and he did not appreciate being taunted about it, especially not by an eight-foot monster.

“You are mine now,” the Minotaur added, almost pensively. “Your body knows it, even if your head does not.”

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Taken by the Minotaur (Reluctant First Time Gay Erotica)

taken by the minotaur gay erotica book cover

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When young prince Theseus enters the Labyrinth, he expects to fight a deadly man-beast monster: half man, half bull. But Theseus does not expect the Minotaur to be so enormously strong, or quite so well endowed. And most of all, he does not expect to find the Minotaur aroused and ready for him…

Warning: this 7.000 word erotic story contains a first time gay encounter between an innocent young man and a dominant Minotaur, with a reluctant first blowjob, reluctant anal sex, rimming, humiliation and forced orgasms. Adult readers only!

All characters are 18 or older.

Kicking and flailing, Theseus wrenched at the fingers clamped around his neck, but they were like iron.

“Let me go, you brute!” he yelled.

In response, the creature’s fingers tightened, cutting off his breath.

Theseus kicked, trying to connect with some sensitive part, but failing; the creature held him at arm’s length, and its reach was much wider than his.

Already his air was running out. Theseus saw dark spots float in front of him, and his head pounded.

He struggled even harder, but nothing seemed to make any difference. His vision was fading, his thoughts dimmed, and he thought, I am sorry, Father…

Then, just when he thought his last breath had come and gone, the Minotaur’s fingers loosened and let go of his throat, and he felt himself being lowered to the floor.

Theseus shook his head, feeling overwhelmed. The imprints of the Minotaur’s fingers burned, ringing his neck like a brand. He couldn’t think, and he had no breath left to fight.

He could only crouch, wheezing for air, and stare upward at the huge monstrous creature standing over him.

His gaze traveled up the massive legs, and was suddenly arrested. When Theseus realized what he was looking at, he quickly looked down at the floor again, fire heating the sides of his face.

The Minotaur was…aroused.

Theseus had seen naked men all his life, most of them in the gymnasium, oiled up for wrestling. But he had never, ever seen anything like this.

The Minotaur’s groin was covered in shaggy wool, and from it jutted the most enormous erection Theseus had ever seen.

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