Seduction of a Courtesan

Seduction of a Courtesan book cover by Isabel DareAn accomplished courtesan as well as a superb storyteller, Sharazad knew how to beguile her King with her charms. But one night, the King decided to turn the tables and seduce his courtesan…

Adult readers only! This 3.500 word erotic romance story contains explicit scenes. All characters are 18 or older.


I saw the King’s eyes spark with interest; I knew he could not resist a monster tale, and smiled to myself.

“The princess believed that she was strong enough to resist any outward sign of pleasure, and that her will was as strong as adamant,” I went on. “But the djinn was full of tricks, and he contrived to speak to the beautiful male slave alone. ‘A woman is not like a man,’ the djinn told the slave. ‘They can reach the pinnacle of pleasure many times in a night. Touch her, taste her, take her, and do not cease your assault until you have heard her emit wanton cries of joy three times in one night. If you succeed in this, I promise you will rise higher than any other man in the land.”

“The djinn’s advice seems well contrived, despite his trickery,” the King said thoughtfully. “Nude and on his knees, you say?”

I sucked in a breath, delighted and amazed that my King would go as far as this. Even in the bedchamber, a King has his dignity, and he had never yet knelt to me. Quite probably, he had never knelt to anyone in all his life.

“So it was indeed,” I said softly.

“Then stand up, o empress of seduction,” said the King. “And I will try the djinn’s advice for myself.”

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Confessions of a Courtesan

Confessions of a Courtesan book cover by Isabel DareSharazad was the highest-ranked courtesan at the Persian court, and the only one who could keep the King entertained, night after night after night.
Some say that she told him stories, and so she did. But that was not all she did to keep a bored and jaded King occupied. Here, for adult readers only, are the confessions of Sharazad that never made it into the Thousand and One Nights…

Warning: this 3.000 word erotic romance story contains explicit sexual scenes. All characters are 18 or older.

Kicking away my slippers, I let the silk shift fall down to my hips and then slowly puddle around my feet. Now I wore only one other piece of clothing. Or perhaps I should say ornament, for it did not clothe very much of me.

It was a jeweled girdle, a present from the King after a night of involved and complex, nay athletic storytelling. I wore it draped around my hips so that the central stone, a moonstone as smooth as eggshell and as luminescent as the moon itself, hung between my thighs to cover that place the poet calls ‘the gate to all delights’.

The King’s eyes widened, and I saw anew that spark of interest light in them. This time it did not wane or fade, but only burned steadily as his eyes devoured me. He roused from his pillows, swaying his lithe form up to meet mine until only the space of a hand’s breadth was between us.

“You wear my jewel,” he said softly, in a voice as smooth and dangerous as a panther stalking through the forest. “Has any man’s hand touched it but mine?”

“No man’s hand but thine,” I said in a voice that shook a little. “And no woman’s hand but my own, O great and noble King.”

Slowly, oh so slowly, his hand reached out to touch the jewel.

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Claimed by the Vikings

Claimed by the Vikings book cover by Isabel DareWhen Vikings raid the Culverston monastery, young Brother Leo is desperate to save the manuscript he’s worked on all year. He tries to hide from the plundering raiders, only to get captured by a scarred Viking who uses him brutally. Afterwards, the Viking plans to slit his throat, but Leo is saved by Runolf, the Viking leader, who then claims him as his slave.

Adult readers only!  This 7.000 word story contains explicit gay scenes. All characters are 18 or older.

Leo fell against the wall, his cheek blazing with pain where the giant Viking had hit him. “No, please…” he whispered. His arms were shaking so hard that he could barely hold on to the manuscript.
The Viking grinned wider. It was an unpleasant grin, showing jagged teeth.
Then he ripped the book from Leo’s arms.
Leo cried out and fought him, suddenly finding courage. His life was already forfeit, but perhaps he could still save the manuscript. Perhaps he could still gain Heaven with this one last deed.
The Viking opened the book, unhindered by Leo’s attempts to grab it back, and then he paused, seeming puzzled. With one scarred finger, he touched the richly colored pages, rubbing as if trying to rub the gold off them.
Leo wondered if this man had ever even seen a book before. Everyone said that the Vikings were savages; heathens who defiled altars and knocked the gold crucifixes off church walls.
“Bah,” the Viking said then, and threw the book away over his shoulder. As if it were rubbish, Leo thought with horror. As if the word of God meant no more to him than a child’s scribbles.
Struggling desperately, he tried to escape, to find the book and run. But the Viking’s heavy hand fell on his shoulder, then around his neck, grabbing him hard enough to make him cry out in pain and fear.
Leo tried to breathe, growing dizzy as the hand around his throat tightened.
He felt overwhelmed. The Viking was at least a head taller than he was, and so much stronger. He could easily strangle Leo one-handed.
“Mine,” the Viking said again, with that same unpleasant smile. Then he dropped his giant axe on the floor behind him, and with his free hand, began to unbuckle his belt.

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Taken by the Centaurs (a Gay First Time Story)

Taken by the Centaurs book cover by Isabel Dare - gay centaur eroticaYoung Orpheus likes to go into the woods alone, to practice his singing. When he finds himself surrounded by a herd of eager male Centaurs, he thinks they came to listen to his songs. And so they do – until Orpheus stops singing and accidentally gives them wine. Then he finds out just how dangerous and depraved Centaurs really are.

Adult readers only! This 7.000 word erotic story contains rough and reluctant gay scenes between a herd of horny Centaurs and a young male virgin, including first time oral and anal sex with giant horsecocks. All characters are 18 or older.


Kinna kicked a long horse leg contemptuously in his direction, and the crock of honey was struck from Orpheus’s hands and rolled into the grass.

“More wine,” another Centaur said plaintively, drawing out the word until it sounded almost like a whinny.

“No more wine,” Orpheus replied firmly, his hands on his hips. He wasn’t going to be cowed by these great horsemen. He was the son of a king, after all.

“There is no more wine,” he repeated, hoping to reason with them. He was still thirsty, himself, and more than a little angry with his uncouth audience.

“Then sing,” Kinna said, glaring down at Orpheus.

Orpheus tried, but when he began an attempt at song, it was not his true voice but a wretched croak that came out of his mouth. He sounded like a frog, and some of the Centaurs laughed.

“I can’t,” he said, glaring back just as angrily at Kinna. “You drank all my wine, and my throat is still dry.”

Kinna threw back his head and laughed. It was not a pleasant sound.

“Shall we give him drink, brothers?” he cried, a wild glee in his face.

Orpheus stared at him uncomprehendingly, but the other Centaurs laughed too and began to circle him again, faster this time, their hooves striking the grass with hard blows.

“Let’s give him drink, aye, and meat too,” the dark-haired Centaur said, and this time it sounded like a threat.

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Used by the Vikings (Reluctant Gay Gangbang) (Viking Sex Slave #3)

Used by the Vikings gay erotica book cover by Isabel DareThis story is a stand-alone sequel to Owned by the Vikings.

Edric wears the iron collar of a thrall, and thralls have no rights under Viking law.

So when Edric dares to refuse the advances of sly troublemaker Leif, he must be punished. He is bound naked to the Great Oak, and from sunrise til sunset, anyone may make public use of him…

Adult readers only! This 10.000 word erotic story contains a village of horny Vikings using their captive in a rough gay gangbang, with reluctant oral and anal sex, bondage in ropes, humiliation, public sex and multiple penetration. All characters are 18 or older.


Edric tried not to cower visibly.

His ordeal had begun.

“We might as well break him in,” Ottar said to his companion, in a persuasive tone of voice. “He won’t be as good when everyone else has had him. Don’t know about you, but I like them fresh and squealing, not exhausted and covered in come.”

Knut scratched his beard thoughtfully. “True enough. Tie him up a bit first, I don’t want him kicking me.”

Ottar nodded, and without warning he yanked at the rope, hard enough to send Edric sprawling to the ground.

“Here, give me that,” Knut said. He knelt by Edric’s legs, and Ottar handed him another piece of rope.

Edric’s face was pressed into the sweet-smelling grass, but he could feel Knut tying rope around his bare ankles.

“Not too tight,” Ottar instructed. “He has to be able to spread his legs if someone wants to fuck him while he’s lying on his back.”

“Eh,” Knut said dismissively. “Nobody wants that, he’s not a woman. Much easier to just bend him over and fuck him standing up.”

As he spoke, Knut gave the rope around his ankles another hard yank.

Edric let a muffled squeal escape his lips as the rough rope chafed his ankles raw. Gods, this was a rough beginning and he was sure it wasn’t going to get better.

“Aw, look what you did,” Ottar complained. “You’re getting his blood all over my rope.”

Knut snorted, knotted the rope one last time, then stood up. “All right. Get up, thrall.”

Edric tried to get up, and found that he could barely move his legs. His ankles burned. He would have fallen over again, if Knut hadn’t stopped him with a rough hand against his shoulder.

Edric’s ankles were tied so that there was about two feet of slack between them. He could probably still walk, if he took tiny mincing steps, but the rope chafed his raw skin whenever he moved, so that he wasn’t inclined to even try it. And in any case, he was still tied to the iron ring in the tree.

“That looks all right,” Ottar said, then gave Edric a shove. “Bend over, slut.”

Edric knew there was no point in protesting, in arguing his innocence. These men would not care, and all he would get out of it was a beating.

Seething inwardly, he bent over, clasping his bloody ankles with his hands so he wouldn’t fall over.

“Need to slick him up first,” Knut was saying. “Come on, Ottar, you know better. You can’t go in raw, you’ll rub all the skin off your dick.”

“I like them tight,” Ottar argued. “Here, let me just-”

And without further warning, he shoved his stiff cock against Edric’s hole, trying to force him open.

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Stealing Ganymede (Gay Erotic Romance)

Stealing Ganymede gay romance book cover by Isabel DareGanymede may be a virgin, but he knows that his beauty has a powerful effect on men. Yet he never thought his charms would attract a god. And not just any god, but Zeus, the all-powerful King of the Gods himself.

When Zeus assumes the shape of a giant eagle and carries Ganymede off to the top of Mount Olympus to seduce him, Ganymede is outraged.

Zeus is used to having whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, and he doesn’t expect a challenge. But Ganymede is as headstrong as he is handsome, and as stubborn as he is sexy. What will it take for Zeus to claim him for his own?

Adult readers only! This 12.000 word gay erotic romance story contains explicit gay sexual situations, including rimming and first time anal sex. All characters are 18 or older.

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The eagle beat back the air, then landed so gently that I barely felt it, and my back hit the grass with a gentle thump.

I lay there still wrapped in its massive claws, feeling the soft, springy grass under me, wondering if I still lived or if I had been transported to the Elysian Fields.

Then the eagle released me, its talons opening to set me free, and I rolled out of its grasp and lay there, breathing the warm, honey-scented air.

The eagle stood over me, its head cocked, eyeing me with its great golden eyes. There was something strange about that. Despite the huge cruel beak, the wicked talons, there was something human about its expression.

In fact, I thought I could see humor in its gaze.

I scrambled to my feet, energy and life returning to me with every breath of that warm air. There was no sign of any other eagles or even a nest; if the eagle did not intend to kill me, perhaps I could find some way to survive here.

“Why did you bring me here?” I said, speaking my thought aloud. Foolishness, to speak to a bird; and yet there was that uncanny intelligence in its gaze…

The eagle spread its massive wings, and I took a step back, intimidated.

Perhaps now it will kill me after all, I thought.

I was naked, weaponless, and though I had been trained to fight, I felt as capable of defending myself against this enormous creature as a rabbit against a normal-sized eagle.

But I would not be cowed. I lifted my head, facing it with a proud gaze and a firm jaw.

The eagle did not attack me. It stood there, wings spread, majestic…and then it began to change.

I stared, my mouth falling open.

The bird was transforming before my eyes, its shape melting like liquid gold, its feathers vanishing, melting together into flesh.

An unearthly radiance shone forth, and I felt nearly blinded, but I could not look away.

Its talons changed into human feet, shod in golden sandals; its wings solidified into arms, and finally, what stood before me was a man.

And yet…more than a man.

I fell to my knees, my breath taken from me as if I had been punched in the stomach.

The golden radiance shone all around him, outlining him against the white clouds that hung about Mount Olympus. He was a head taller than I, clad in a simple white chiton, his form as muscular and burnished as a perfect statue, but living, more vital than anyone I had ever seen. There was no obvious symbol of rank about him, but the power of his presence made me feel faint.

I knelt there, my eyes watering from that intense golden light, and knew I was in the presence of a god.

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Owned by the Vikings (Rough and Reluctant Gay Viking Gangbang) (Viking Sex Slave #2)

Owned by the Vikings book cover kindle erotica by Isabel DareThis story is a stand-alone sequel to Taken by the Vikings.

Captured by the Vikings, Edric must serve them as a pleasure slave on the long voyage home. As the only captive in a longboat full of horny Viking raiders, he must satisfy all of their lustful appetites or die trying. But Edric is desperate for Thorvald, the huge Viking leader, to claim him for his own…

Warning: This 8.000 word erotic story contains a rough gay gangbang between an inexperienced young man and a boatload of horny Vikings, with reluctant oral and anal sex, bondage in ropes, breath play and multiple penetration. Adult readers only! All characters are 18 or older.

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“Rest for a while, Leif,” Thorvald was saying. “I’ll take your place.”

The men cheered as Thorvald sat down on Leif’s bench and began to row with huge strokes of the long, narrow oar.

Leif stood bent over, breathing hard, his face as red as his hair. He was not as wide-shouldered as most of the other men, and he did not look like the long hours of rowing were agreeing with him.

Leif seemed to sense Edric’s eyes upon him, for when he finally straightened up, he glared in Edric’s direction.

“Why don’t the thrall row with us, Thorvald?” Leif asked in a hoarse voice, still breathing fast. “He’s no good to us tied to the mast like a hog. Or are we planning to eat him like a hog?”

Some of the men laughed, and Edric shuddered.

“Not enough meat on him,” someone called out. “Fatten him up a bit first.”

Thorvald shook back his long white braids and answered Leif seriously, ignoring the laughter. “Thrall’s got soft hands, and he’s not used to rowing for days on end. He’s better where he is.”

“What, as an ornament? In that case, let’s strip him and make him bend over,” Leif leered. “I wouldn’t mind another look at that pink little arse.”

There was a sudden silence.

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