Backstage Pass (Reluctant First Time Gay Erotica)

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On Kyle’s first day as a personal assistant to charismatic gay rock star Damon Black, the singer assumes Kyle is just another groupie, picked out of the crowd for sex. Damon has an eye for hot blond guys, and Kyle certainly fits the bill.

Before he knows it, Kyle finds himself being forced to his knees in the rock star’s dressing room. Is he willing to do whatever it takes to please his new boss?

Warning: this 5.000-word erotic story contains reluctant consent, reluctant first time gay sex, a forced blowjob, rimming, first time anal, and a demanding and dominant rock star with an appetite for young blond twinks. For adults only!

All characters are 18 or older.


“What a buzz,” Damon said, his voice throaty and unmistakable. “What a night!” He turned around, rolling his shoulders, and only then did he seem to notice that Kyle was in the room.

Kyle stared at him, stagestruck and tongue-tied, like any fan suddenly meeting his idol, and tried to make his mouth work.

Damon’s otherworldly eyes held his, then Damon slowly ran his gaze down Kyle’s body, much as the crew member had done, but with much more lingering enjoyment.

“Very nice,” that famous voice drawled. “Whoever picked you out of the crowd did a good job, honey. Remind me to give them a raise…later.”

“I-” Kyle began, then got stuck again, feeling a hot blush rise to his cheeks.

“Save it,” Damon told him. “I am on a buzz you would not believe, and I’m not in the mood for talking. On your knees, sweetheart.”

Kyle blinked. This could not be happening. He wasn’t even sure if this was a scene from his fondest fantasies, or a nightmare.

“No, wait,” he stuttered, “I-”

Damon’s eyes narrowed, and suddenly, he looked not just beautiful but dangerous, like a panther in the forest. “On your knees, NOW. Or get the hell out.”

Holy shit.

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