Kept by the Centaurs (Gay Erotica)

Kept by the Centaurs book cover by Isabel DareAfter extensive training, golden-haired Prince Orpheus has become a willing servant to the herd of male Centaurs who stole him. He can’t get enough of servicing the muscular, powerful Centaurs, especially the Centaur leader, Kinna.

But Orpheus’s father, the King, wants his son back. And now Orpheus has to prove that he belongs to the Centaurs, once and for all…

Adult readers only! This 8.000 word gay erotic story contains explicit gay sex scenes. All characters are 18 or older.

This story follows Taken by the Centaurs and Used by the Centaurs, though it can be read as a standalone.

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Used by the Centaurs (Gay Erotica)

Used by the Centaurs gay erotica book cover by Isabel DareOnce, Orpheus was a Greek prince, the darling of the court, who loved to sing and play the lyre. Now, he belongs to the Centaurs who stole him.

He is their lovely blond plaything, their toy. But only Kinna, the huge, powerful Centaur leader, decides which Centaur may use Orpheus for his pleasure. And some pleasures are reserved for Kinna alone…

Adult readers only! This 8.000 word gay erotic story contains explicit gay sex scenes. All characters are 18 or older.

This story follows Taken by the Centaurs, though it can be read as a standalone.

Orpheus sang on, letting his voice range high—the pure, clear notes sounded amazing, louder than ever before—and finally came to a stop, almost breathless, but feeling exhilarated.

The Centaurs cheered him, louder than before.

With a pang of worry, Orpheus saw that there were three flasks of wine in circulation now.

The Centaurs were celebrating by getting drunk, and that spelled danger. Wine drove them wild.

“Here, let the boy have some wine,” one of the Centaurs yelled, a young one named Xerxes. “He sang well!”

A leather flask was tossed in Orpheus’s direction, and he caught it. It smelled strongly of horse.

In truth, Orpheus was thirsty, and singing only made him more so. He took a quick swallow, then another, surprised at how good it was. It was a dark, strong wine that tasted rich enough to be poured at his father’s table. Whatever farmer they had raided must be rich.

Xerxes came closer. He was a brawny young Centaur with long dark brown hair, and there was a dragon tattooed on his chest. Reaching out, he tilted the flask of wine over Orpheus’s mouth, forcing him to swallow more. “Don’t stop now, boy!”

Orpheus sputtered, feeling the wine flood his throat and pool into his stomach.

He wasn’t used to drinking. His father would only let him have watered wine, even though Orpheus was an adult. His father still saw him as the youngest prince, the baby of the family, and probably always would.

Maybe that was why the wine tasted so good now. It tasted of things that were forbidden.

Finally Xerxes took the half-empty wine flask away, and Orpheus wiped his chin, aware that wine was dripping down his bare chest.

Another Centaur came up and called over his shoulder to Kinna, “Can I have him?”

Orpheus’s last swallow of wine went the wrong way. He coughed, desperately gasping for air.

“You are bold,” Kinna said in his deep, dark voice, sounding disapproving. “Very bold, Diodoros.”

“I thought you said we feast tonight?” Diodoros countered. He was smiling, but it looked somehow feral. “Then why not let me entertain myself?”

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Wolf Pack (Mountain Wolves, Book Three)

Wolf Pack gay werewolf romance book cover by Isabel DareLeo Travers, a young painter, is desperately in love with tall, dark, taciturn Kirk Anderson. He doesn’t even care if Kirk turns into a wolf every full moon. All Leo cares about is their future together.

Does Kirk want him only for now, or forever? Kirk isn’t saying, and Leo is afraid to ask and get his heart broken.

Then there’s the wolf pack living right next door. One of them is stalking Leo, and this werewolf won’t take no for an answer…

The third book in the gay werewolf romance series that started with Wolf Scent and Wolf Howl, Wolf Pack is 30.000 words long.


Leo was half hidden behind an easel. He had set it up facing the stand of birches overlooking the valley below.

Kirk walked up to him, circling round behind him to see what Leo was seeing.

It was strange; as much as he loved the woods, he had never looked at them as a source of inspiration for art. He’d never even taken any photographs.

He’d seen tourists making sketches, of course. But–face it, Kirk–he hadn’t been interested. He had dismissed it out of hand as something silly that tourists did, like picking unripe berries or buying souvenir junk made in China.

Now that he saw what Leo was doing, it made him wonder where he had acquired such prejudices.

Not from his mother, surely. She had loved the arts, and even bought a couple paintings to hang in the cabin.

Maybe it came from his father’s side of the family; they were all relentlessly practical and down to earth, proud of their blue collar jobs and full of distrust for anything they didn’t know.

Kirk was pretty sure that his father John had never seen a museum from the inside until he met Marilee MacDougall, Kirk’s mother.

He saw that Leo was holding the brush up in the air, one eye squinted shut, and waited until he was finished with whatever he was doing; it seemed to require concentration.

Over Leo’s shoulder, Kirk peered at the painting.

It was clearly unfinished, but the color was astonishing. The birch leaves were almost more intense in the painting than in reality: a mesmerizing, glorious yellow edged with other, darker colors in the shadows. A patch of gold in the gloom.

Then Leo’s blond head turned and he smiled widely, a smile of such surpassing sweetness that it almost hurt to see.

“Hi,” Leo said.

Kirk found himself smiling back, probably looking like a lovestruck fool. “Hi.”

With one more step, he was close enough and bent over Leo to kiss him.

Leo’s head tilted up instantly, and their lips met. Warmth flooded Kirk’s belly, instant arousal that always seemed to happen when he was around Leo–

And then he took in Leo’s scent. Something he had deliberately waited to do, so he could let it flood his senses when Leo was within kissing reach–

Leo’s scent had changed.

Kirk rocked back.

He took a deep breath, almost choking on the harsh, metallic scent that surrounded Leo.

It was like being stabbed with a blade of ice. It sank deep into his heart, leaving no trace.


Erick had been near Leo.

Close enough to touch Leo, close enough to leave his scent all over him.

And this despite the truce between Kirk and the wolf pack–the truce that stipulated that they weren’t allowed to enter his territory until the full moon.

Erick had broken the truce, deliberately, blatantly. And he had touched Leo with his bare hands.

I should strangle Erick for this.

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Wolf Howl (Mountain Wolves, Book Two)

Wolf Howl gay werewolf romance book cover by Isabel DareIn one week, Kirk Anderson’s lonely life in the mountains turns upside down: he falls in love with a bright young painter named Leo, and he discovers that he’s not the only werewolf in the world.

Unfortunately, the other werewolves are a biker gang who want to take over Kirk’s territory. Worse than that: they want to take Leo, too. Desperate to keep his mate, Kirk is forced to claim him…in front of the entire pack!

The second book in the Mountain Wolves series, Wolf Howl is 30.000 words long. It is the sequel to Wolf Scent.

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Wolf Scent (Mountain Wolves, Book One)

Wolf Scent book cover by Isabel DareKirk Anderson likes living alone in his mountain cabin, or so he tells himself. He’s a monster, after all. How would he ever find a man who can deal with his other self—the wolf?

When a reckless young hiker named Leo gets his leg caught in an old bear trap, Kirk rescues him, tracking him down by scent alone. While Kirk takes care of his injuries, Leo’s bright, sunny presence slowly wears down all Kirk’s defences.

But as the full moon rises, Kirk struggles between the urge to protect Leo and the demands of the wolf, who wants only one thing: to claim his mate

The first book in the Mountain Wolves series, Wolf Scent is 30.000 words long.
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Caught by Scylla (Gay Tentacle Erotica)

Caught by Scylla book cover by Isabel DareWhen young prince Ariston sails into the infamous strait of Messina, his ship’s crew is faced with an impossible choice: drown in a whirlpool or surrender themselves to Scylla, a twelve-armed monster. The ship’s crew decides to offer up the arrogant Ariston to Scylla’s many arms, hoping that his untouched beauty will distract the monster.

And it works – twelve slick tentacles caress the humiliated prince everywhere, while an entire ship full of sailors watches!

One of the tentacles was speeding toward the ship again, undulating over the waves.

Ariston watched it approach, frozen with fear.

It danced over the waves like a great sea-snake, its coils supple and sleek, the tip bulbous, with a small slit where the mouth must be.

Some of the sailors were praying audibly, to Poseidon, to Zeus, to anyone who could hear them.

Ariston tried to kick out at the tentacle’s tip when it was close enough. A last act of defiance, maybe – he could not fight this creature, but he would not be taken without a struggle.

It didn’t last long. His foot barely glanced off the tentacle, and then it wrapped itself around him like a strangling snake.

He gasped for breath, feeling the slick alien coils tighten around him. It felt so strange that he shuddered instinctively; his body was trying to cast off the intrusion.

Then he felt a sharp, lightning-fast movement, like someone running the edge of a nail over his bare skin.

When he dared to look down, he saw that the tentacle had done to him what it had done to that poor sailor. With one razor-sharp tooth from its hidden mouth, it had cut the clothes from his body.

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His Prize Possession: a Gay Erotica Anthology

His Prize Possession coverFive smoldering tales of gay submission and domination! Five best-selling erotica authors bring you their hottest gay historical stories of desires that cannot be denied.

From ruthless sultans, cruel emperors, and barbarian war chiefs, to captive warriors, arrogant princes, and thieves caught in the act, some men must dominate… and some men must submit.

83 pages of sizzling sensuality!

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“Captured by the Sultan,” by Cherry Dare. A tale too hot for the Arabian Nights! When a young jewel thief is captured in the sultan’s bedchambers, the sultan makes him an offer: he can face the consequences for his crimes, or he can spend one night doing everything he can to please the dominating sultan!

“Caught by Scylla,” by Isabel Dare. A beautiful but arrogant prince sails too close to the lair of the legendary Scylla. The monstrous being’s slick tendrils caress the humiliated prince everywhere, while an entire ship full of sailors watches!

“Bound for Pleasure,” by Calandra Hunter. When the Roman commander Titus is captured by barbarian war chief Brinno, Titus uses his body to barter for his freedom. Titus thinks his only desire is to escape, but will he change his mind when he experiences the pleasures of submission for the very first time?

“He Whom the Gods Love,” by Lyla Luray. Hades, the god of the underworld, burns with frustration while his wife Persephone is away. So his lusty brother Poseidon arranges an encounter with a gorgeous young man, Lysander. Pierced by love’s arrow, Lysander experiences his first time in Hades’s powerful arms!

“The Emperor’s Pet,” by Dawn South. When Cornelius is imprisoned by the Roman emperor, he finds solace in bonding with the other captives. But they must all publicly perform for the emperor’s pleasure… and Cornelius’s new friends must break him in!

This collection of erotic short stories is intended for mature readers only. It contains detailed scenes of gay BDSM, gay bondage, gay domination and submission, group sex, public sex, whipping, toys, and public use. All characters are over 18, and all acts are consensual.

All profits from this collection will be donated to the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Coalition, which works to protect the human rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people around the world.

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